The following design brief is a set of questions that relate to your business and design preferences that help our designers to determine the foundations of your logo before the start of the actual design process. Please answer as many questions as you can : )

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    Please write out the logo name exactly as you’d like for it to appear in the design
    (e.g. Capture Photography Pty Ltd; Capture Photography; or just Capture) (*)

    What does your business name mean? Where did the name come from? (*)

    Do you have a tag line? If so, would you like it incorporated into the logo design?

    What are the core values of your business, what is important, what are your principles, what will govern your existence as an organisation?

    What is the core purpose of the organisation: why does it exist, why is it meaningful?

    What are the short, medium and long-term goals for the organisation? What will it look like one year, five years and ten years from now?


    What do you want to be famous for? What is your promise: when people think of you, what words or thoughts will come to mind?

    Do you know who your ideal customers are? What else do they buy? What are their likes, dislikes, values? You can also define the customers you DON’T want.

    Who are your competitors? How do you compare to them? Is there a market leader? What position do you want to occupy within your category/industry/market?


    Is there a certain ‘look’ or style that you like (include URLs or company names if possible)?

    Is there any ‘look’ that you dislike (any examples or URLs would be useful)?

    Do you have any specific imagery in mind for your logo?

    Do you have any colour preferences, or existing brand colours?

    Do you have any colours that you do not wish to use?

    How would you like the typography to appear? (Eg. script, bold, light, hand drawn, corporate, etc.)

    What logos do you think will appeal to your audience and why? (Provide links where possible.)

    Please provide any additional details:

    Feel free to upload any files (such as your current logo or any other artwork) that may assist our designers when creating your logo! Remember– all images, partner/affiliate logos must be supplied at 300dpi, CMYK and in either jpg, ai, eps or PDF format.

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